The Need

childrens-home-12Many people around the world are not able to succeed due to their circumstances, location, education or social caste. Typically a large number of these people may become refugees, suffer for years with no hope of change or be overcome by their situations. But organizations like The South Asia Council for Community and Children in Crisis (SAC-CCC). This organization is bringing hope to the rural, tribal and slum communities. The orphans, abandoned/neglected children, children from broken homes and girl children are the most un-cared for, and hence live under severe conditions of poverty without proper food, clothes, shelter and health care, not to speak of education. The plight of these children from the poorest of the poor communities is heart renting. Many of these children end up on the streets, or found attached to relatives in rural, tribal or slum areas who may not be favorably disposed to them or treat them dis affectionately.


The Answer

Cow to Chelliah

By creating schools to educate young women and girls, it helps keep them from lives on the street. By helping families in un-touchable castes by supplying them with a cow, SAC-CC is able to provide them an income, a purpose, a community of other in the Cow Society to lean or learn form and eventually teach and mentor.

Where you Fit In…

Hear at altaCloud solutions we consider it an honor to work with people who are making such a difference in the lives of so many. Please consider the good this organization is doing in the world when you consider your giving.


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