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Search Engine Optimization

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Having the greatest business in the world is of no use if customers cannot find you creating the world’s greatest billboard and placing it on a cul-de-sac will yield no results. Your business must gain visibility to succeed and grow.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is the tuning of a website to make it visible to search engines for specific searches.

What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

Search engine optimization is the tuning of a website to make it visible to search engines for specific searches.  SEO combines 1 part psychology, 1 part technology and 1 part art. altaCloud solutions excels at evaluating, your strategic goals, your website content, search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) algorithms, and the relevance of the content of your website to searchers who might want to engage a company’s products and services.

altaCloud solutions SEO services focus on, your goals, your content and making your website visible to visitors. Consumers want to simply find the product, service or information that guided them to your website. You want your visitor to find what they are looking for, and together, we make it easy for them to get it. altaCloud solutions can target demographic groups, geo-located market or user by device markets with the ability to optimize your message.

The search engines promote sites that perform these modest functions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
Consider that in each industry, there are countless businesses trying to make page one, and when every business is trying, it takes skill to stand out. altaCloud solutions’ goal is to make your website just that, a standout. Along with proper structuring of your web pages (the science of SEO), we address other aspects of online marketing that make your website conspicuous on the web (the art of SEO).

altaCloud solutions’ clients can select one of three different levels of service. Each level of service will improve the likelihood that a client’s site will achieve a noteworthy visibility in search engines.

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altaCloud SEO Basic Service Includes:

  • Unique Keyword Research based Title Tags for each page.
  • This alone can make a dramatic impact on your site’s search engine friendliness.
  • Original Call to action snippet Description Tags for each page.
  • Let your prospective customers know why they want to go to your site, and make sure it’s what they’re looking to find.

SEO Service Includes Basic Level plus:

  • Keyword analysis and existing content editing for SEO optimization.
  • Work to identify keywords that will attract web traffic most likely drawn to your products and services. Sometimes a fine brush works better than a roller and vice versa. We will figure out which will work best for you.
  • Analysis of site construction and link flow.
  • Your site needs to be friendly to people first, but also easy for Search Engines to “grasp”.
  • Keyword distribution and semantic structure of Header tags.
  • Simple structural issues can cause search engines to ignore your site.
  • Targeted alt and image tags.
  • Make your website easier for people with accessibility issues, and it helps with SEO.
  • Give the Search Engines the information they need to index your whole site.
  • Your Sitemap and Robots.txt files need to be correctly constructed.

Extensive SEO Service Includes Enriched Level plus:

Content creation based on keyword research to create highly optimized pages.

altaCloud solutions Web Solution handles professional copywriting of optimized content that will capture and intrigue your visitors and not stuff keywords.

Site-wide Link organization and sculpting.

We carefully consider design, usability and your website visitor’s experience. Suggesting any necessary changes. Our professionals can perform those changes if you choose.


Competitive Analysis

Who are we up against, and how can we compete? It can be better to focus on areas tough competitors are weak, especially for a new endeavor.

Additional services:

Consultation on Link Building and Link Bait

Brainstorming content to help improve the way visitors can use your site, and make it appealing for them to recommend your site by linking to it.
Uncover ideas to help you start a link-harvesting marketing campaign.

Analytics analysis and content refinement

We find out how your past visitors were searching for your website when they found it—then we can build on what’s already working.

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