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altaCloud solutions Terms of Service

Thank you for considering altaCloud solutions as your business solutions provider. Our long-lasting relationships with our clients are a testimony to the quality of service we provide and the strong customer relationships we have built over many years. We appreciate the opportunity to work together and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

altaCloud solutions provides many services to support your business. These services include consulting and support for your business and IT operations, marketing strategy, web and e-commerce consulting, design and development, database consulting, design and development and procurement and integration of the best hardware and software solutions to support your current and long-­‐term business goals.


There will be a minimum 2 Hour charge for a first-time consultation and/or service call. All work is billed in quarterly hour increments at our normal hourly rates, as stated below. In addition to our hourly rate for onsite appointments, we bill travel time. Travel time is billed at $31.25 per ¼ hour, portal to portal. “Portal to Portal” is the time it takes to travel from the last client to your location.

Set up fees are non-refundable.  Set up is contingent on the client providing content if required.  The project will be placed on hold status while awaiting any content required to set up a product or layout a website.

AltaCloud solutions operate between 9 am – 6 pm, Monday thru Friday. All work performed outside of these hours including weekends and holidays is considered overtime. Weekday and Saturday overtime appointments are billed at 150% of our normal rate; Sunday and Holiday overtime appointments are billed at 200% of our normal rate.

Consulting Services

Rates for Business Consulting are as follows:

-­‐ Business strategy and solutions                                                           $185  per hour

-­‐ Website and e-commerce solutions                                                      $185  per hour

-­‐ Marketing and Sales Funnel and Conversion Consulting                 $225 per hour

-­‐ IT infrastructure planning and design solutions                                 $225  per hour

— Small Business (Under 2MM) strategy and solutions                        $95  per hour

— NPO strategy and solution                                                                      $95  per hour


Technical related services are as follows:

-­‐ General Computer and Consulting services                                    $125  per hour

-­‐ Server or Systems Engineer                                                               $150  per hour

-­‐ Drive/Data Recovery                                                                            Quote  upon Request

-­‐ General System and/or Group Training                                           Quote  upon Request


Web & eCommerce Services
-­‐ HTML, Flash                                                                              $125 per hour

-­‐ PHP, MySQL Programming                                                    $125  per hour

— WordPress, Drupal,                                                                  $125 per hour

-­‐ Email Campaigns                                                                     $125 per hour + deployment fees

—Start-Up Incubator (under $2MM) Rate                              $75-95 per hour

-­‐ Website Design                                                                        Quote upon Request

-­‐ altaCloud eCommerce solutions                                          Quote upon Request

Website & eCommerce Hosting and Email Services
-­‐ Refer to the website for latest pricing: http://hosting.altacloudsolutions.com/web-hosting/index.php

Custom Development
-­‐  SQL Database Programming                                                $125  per hour

— Custom Software or Mobile App                                         $150 per hour

— Custom Programming Management (Outsourced)         Cost +15%

Microsoft O365 /AX / D365 Services
A pre-­‐field on-­‐site visit is required to determine cabling needs. Minimum site visit charge may be required; minimum site visit charge, 2 hours.


— Mailbox Migration                                                                         Quote Upon Request

— O365 Essentials                                                                              $5/user

— O365 Business Premium                                                              $15/user



-­‐ Project Management / Analyst                                                  $225 per hour

-­‐ Solution Architect                                                                            $350 per hour

Support Services
Tasks provided under Support service includes, but not limited to:

-­‐ Contacting ISP for upgrades, changes, moves;              $75 per hour registering equipment warranty, requesting

warranty replacement of defective products, assisting with misc. non-­‐technical/administrative client requests. Copywriting and Content Review/Editing.


The Emergency Response Rate is billed at a rate of 2 times the normal hourly rate when a client requests an “Emergency” appointment. An emergency is defined as an extreme problem with your computer systems resulting in an unacceptable level of downtime or immediate support is requested.

altaCloud solutions charge a cancellation fee if you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice. Cancellations must be communicated via email to [email protected] or via phone to (828) 407-0858. If a cancellation is made after hours, it must be made via email to ensure your message is routed to the appropriate team member. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge of 50% the length of booking, as estimated by the consultant. If the consultant is en-route for the appointment, you will be billed travel time.

Note:  altaCloud solutions does provide a fixed –fee or retainer services agreement. These arrangements are agreed to in advance and in writing. If you require such an arrangement please contact our office; we have many cost-effective options to choose from; which include discounted rates.





Billing Procedures & Payment of Fees
Payment for Hardware, Software and/or Accessories is due upon receipt. Invoices are itemized and must be paid within thirty days of the date of the invoice unless other payment arrangements are agreed to in writing. A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be assessed on all invoices past due thirty days (60 days from the date of invoice).

These Terms of Service may be modified at any time by AltaCloud solutions and you agree to those modifications. Please go to our website at http://www.altaCloudsolutions.com/terms to view the latest version.


Once again thank you for choosing altaCloud solutions as your IT service provider. We look forward to doing business together.



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